The Hon leave a merchant town mood of the Edo era, haberdashery shop, through the Takasebune ship-owner, moneychangers, there is a mansion of a wealthy merchant, Ikegami who have made a fortune in the soy sauce production.
In addition to the museum to tell the state at the time of business and life, there is also a cafe that had coffee that can be enjoyed on sound and well water of the phonograph.


Phone: 086622-8760
Address: 94 Honmachi Takahashi city
Access: 15mins walk from Bichu-Takahashi station
20mins by car from Okayama motorway/ Kayou IC
Opening hour: 9AM to 5PM
Closing day: 29 December to 3 January
Parking lot: 5
Entrance fee: Adult 300 yen Kids 150 yen