Koizumi copper mine and Roha life the production of (iron sulfate), Ohnoro who built a huge wealth village headman and wide and his mansion.
The late Edo period built the tower gate of the building, which was a robust stone mansion, reminiscent of the castle.


Phone: 0866-29-2222
Address: 1710 Nakano Nariwa-chou Takahashi City
Access: 50mins from Takahashi Station by car
60mins by car from Okayama Motorway/ Kayou IC
60mins by car from Chugoku Motorway/ Niimi IC
Opening hours: 8:30AM to 5PM
Closing day: 29 December to 31st December
Parking Lots: 35
Entrance Fee: Adult 300yen Kids 150yen
We have established the AED