To restore the copper mine that was operating from the Edo period to the Taisho era, it is what was to be able to tour the mine. Mysterious underground tantalizing sense of adventure is, has worked air-conditioning in the year 15 degrees before and after and natural.


Yoshioka (Fukiya) copper mine, was reportedly discovered in Datong two years (807 years), there is a description of the product of Bichu in old books, recording as a copper mine of Fukiya is, the Warring States period since Amako and Mr. Mori's competition , at the early Edo period one, there was under the control of Nariwa clan, the majority between is, had earned under the rule of the magistrate in Tenryou shogunate direct control land.
Become the management of Mitsubishi Metal after the Meiji era, a mound around the merger, the self-power plant is provided, mechanized the work of refining, etc. use a rock drilling machine, the first time to build a Western-style blast furnace in Japan, Japan's three large mines It has become one of the.
This mine is referred to as a Sasaune, but was Shizan, in later years is in communication with the tunnel (Sakamoto) in the basement, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite (pyrite) had is produced It was. In particular, in the Edo era, it puts from this earth to horseback carried until the main gate of Nariwa-chou Shimobara, piled up in Takasebune go to Tamashima Port, had been transported to Osaka of copper government office to use the sea route.

Phone: 0866-29-2222
Address: Fukiya Nariwa-chou Takahashi city
Access: 60mins by Bihoku Bus from Bichu-Takahashi station
70mins by car from Okayama motorway/ Kayou IC
50mins by car from Chuugoku motorway/ Niimi IC
Parking lot: 35