Omatsuyama observatory, located in Gagyusan summit at an altitude of 430 meters, is the point, which can be admired from the next to the tower of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle. Especially spread to one side is a sea of clouds in the early morning to spring from the fall, you can see the "sky of Yamashiro Bichu Matsuyama Castle".
The time to look Castle floating in the sea of clouds: Time that sea of clouds occurs are end of September to Beginning of April, early morning. Sometimes snow is piled up in December to end of February. The time is around eight o’clock from sun up, especially you can expect thick fog around end of October to beginning of December. The condition of sea and clouds are ‘Good weather’ and ‘the big difference of temperature in early morning and day time’.


Phone: 0866-22-3516
Access: Bitchu Takahashi Station (10mins by walk)
Okayama Motorway/ Kayou IC (20mins by car)
Opening Period: 9AM to 5PM、7days a week
Parking Lots: 10s
Entrance Fee: Adult 300yen Junior and High school student 200yen
Group Discount Averrable